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My only excuse for not posting work on here is not drwaing, there is no excuse for not drawing.

I've recently taken on a commission which I've not done for a while, a pretty cool one.

I'll be posting progress on here, permission pending from the client.

Until then, I will try and keep up with the posts.

To all the people who have faved my work and watch me, Thank you very much, Its much appreciated!!
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A small selection of excess stock form last years Fresh Perspective Exhibition. Get your exclusive Art while stocks last! Payment via Paypal only. For more information contact me at -

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I think its been a bit too long since I wrote a journal. Between work and Basketball I'm struggling to find the time for my art, as painful as it is to say, over the past few months my art has become more of a hobby than a career. On a plus note I have a pretty sweet job so I'm quite happy to put art second in my life for the first time.

Kings Basketball are currently 6-2 for the season with the 6 being a win streak. Not sure how many games we have left to play but KB are taking names.

Which brings me back to art, with all the ballin' inspiration I've got a couple of pieces on the way, I'll try not to keep you waiting by posting my progress as I go on.

Enough talk, back to the pencil...
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I will have a exhibition dedicated to myself in September at the Pontypridd Museum.

After pitching to the curator my ideas of bringing a fresh perspective of art to my town, he was happy to give me the space and publicity to bring my ideas to life.

I intend on showcasing my art from over the past few years, highlighting processes and the way in which I carry out an idea and I am planning on running classes to educated the younger generation in the possibilities of a career in art.

Also I will be looking to run Jam session where people can come and watch me work, although I will only be doing this if I can get some local artists on board. It will be unpaid but may lead to commissions etc. Let me know if you may be interested.

More information and dates will follow.
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After reading the 1996 limited series Marvel Vs Dc it occurred to me that Superman Vs Hulk would be an epic fight, right?
In this particular arc, after a considerably small amount of action Superman KO's Hulk with one sucker punch...

Disappointing or what?

Its a tough call on who would win and with a bias opinion favouring Marvel you know who my money is on.

Although The Man of Steel is not to be underestimated I think the only chance he would have of winning is throwing the Incredible one into outer space and praying that he would never find his way back.

Thats just my opinion of course.

I would love to see a new title HULK vs SUPERMAN (or SUPERMAN vs HULK)

whichever side you're on it would be epic!
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With regrets I was too busy to commit to 1 DOLLAR FIGHTER, but now its time for 2!

If you don't know, :iconangelcrusher: is hosting the second tournament which will start on April 1st.

I recommend you get involved. I'm hyped over the characters that have been entered so far, some great potential for great battles. I look forward to drawing new characters and creating some bloody fight scenes.

Get the latest here -…

See my entry here -…

To everyone already involved, see you in action!
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Its been a while...

I'm currently on lock down with a steady flow of freelance work. If this is a taster of what 2010 has to offer then GAME!

Been trying to expand my horizons, SLOWLY picking up Zbrush (Ace Xmas present). On the opposite end of the scale I've also been using paint makers, trying to draw big scale. I've posted some practice runs, more soon...

BRAINFOOD is dominating my personal work, reluctant to post too much on here 'cus I want to get them designs on t-shirts first.
Also a Storyboard Animatic is in the pipeline. Its at the bottom of my to-do's but I'm getting there. Backgrounds & Characters are finished, making a start on layouts is next.

In other news, Marvel Legends! Managed to get my hands on not one but two Captain America Foil variants (Original Packaging Mint Condition). Lucky me!
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So after leaving Starbucks on my lunch break yesterday, I notice a photographer snapping away, taking no notice what soever I continue to walk, then the photographer guy starts to annoy me, I'm like what the hell are you taking pictures of dude? As I cross the road this guy is running in front of me taking pictures behind me, I look back and who is standing there, Nicholas Cage!! First of all I was like nah! Not a chance, I slowed my roll to get a better look, I was like, Oh Shit! Nick Cage!! Couldn't believe my eyes. I was on my own and I had left my phone in the studio (typical), so nobody is going to believe me! I don't really care, I saw him and it was quite exciting!

When I googled it this morning, it turns out I was not imagining it =)

Probably the most random story I've ever had to tell!…
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Do you ever get an idea for you artwork and it's constantly munching away at your mind and it will not go away until you have got it down on paper? I get this all the time, its what I call a Mind Monster and it's what has sparked the ideas for my latest project, BRAINFOOD. As I am currently working two jobs I have not been posting as much work on here as I like, but what I have been posting is all related to re-launching my t-shirt business I had running on my second year of university. Although I'm still in the early stages of design work and sampling, I would greatly appreciated your feed back on what I have done so far.

Hope all is good with everyone, oh and GLAMMIES, who is going?

For more information on the project please visit…

Keep them monsters rolling...
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... since I've been online, I've been in the process of moving out although I have still found the time to keep on top of my artwork, still working on various projects that include some character design, logo design and my usual crazy-ness!  I am hoping to post them soon. My last piece was a collaboration with :iconthebunney: for more information on this please visit -… was a good turn out and there is talk of another collaboration between us which i hope to get underway soon!

I've not had chance to check anyones latest yet but i look forward to browsing!

On an animation note, has anyone seen Afro Samurai Resurrection? If not see it, a new personal favorite of mine, with a fantastic Soundtrack and almost all the original cast, kick ass movie!
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I picked up MKvsDC, finally a decent fighting game for the xbox! The story mode 'ain't too clever, but who buys a fighting game for the story? There are some sweet moves and nice environment interaction. Its nice to see all the Mortal Kombat characters in all their modern glory, although I'm always using the DC characters, Superman more so! He's pretty cool, I though he may have had more super moves, but I suppose he has to be beaten some how, right? A little disappointed not to see Martian Manhunter and Aquaman, but its all good! Any xbox people out there who fancy a challenge? My Gamer Tag is 'Ravedogg'...

See you online (if you can handle it)

Hope all is good with everyone!

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It been a while since I've updated. Got alot going on theses day, my art work seems to be changing slightly, no life drawing has been killing me but i'm maintaining one sketch a day so its all good. My latest project is in collaboration called Art Convicts although we are still in the process of putting it together I've uploaded two pieces relating to it, surreal and quite psychotic could be used to describe them, if i get enough feedback they will continue if not then back to the drawing board, haha.

Hope all is well with everyone, especially ex class mates who I have not spoken to for ages!

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..away for two weeks, collaborations and other stuff I have going on will be posted when I get back along with some new ICB flavours.

See y'all when I get back.

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I have finally put a Blog together, I have only posted a few drawings at the moment but I will update regularly. I would also be more than happy to add a link on it to your blog/website, just send me your url. =)
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"The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a sketch, free. However, in return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. If you've already done 10 Free Sketches, simply link the journal entry in your comment... You still qualify.

01 - I will NOT draw your request until I see this in your journal.
02 - In your comment, include a link to a reference picture of the character you want me to draw.Or write me a description.
03 - Only one character per person- Remember, this is FREE."

here's how it looks so far:........

1. :iconwesleyriot:  Waiting on request
2. :iconthebunney: Done
3. :iconneobie:  Done
4. :iconlawzy87:
5. :iconnikkijner: